Sunday, July 1, 2012

Too good not to share IMMEDIATELY!!!

I am usually not in the habit of double-posting... but this just could not wait! I wanted to make sure that y'all had the opportunity to go and pick up the Skippyjon Jones collection at Kohl's before they run out...

For those of you that are not aware of this, Kohl's has a program called Kohl's Cares (the program IS NOT featured at all of the Kohl's stores) and about every month they will feature a children's book author and will sell certain books and stuffed animals from that author at a whopping $5 each, the proceeds go to kids' health and can't beat that! Help the kids and get great deals on books for your classroom library! LOVE it!!!! Oh, and to boot... the books are all HARDCOVER books! Anywho, this month features the Skippyjon Jones collection.  I headed there today and picked up the Skippyjon Jones plush, the bee plush and the book "Skippyjon Jones Class Action" {which was the ONLY book that I was missing from the collection} for a total of $16! You can't beat it! I checked out the prices on amazon and that book alone is over $11! So, if you are a Skippyjon Jones fan then head on over to Kohl's a.s.a.p and if you're not sure if your Kohl's store is a "Kohl's Cares" store then click on the store locator tab on this link and to view the selection of plushes and books for Skippyjon Jones that are being offered you can also click on this link and it will take you directly to the Skippyjon Jones Kohl's page. 

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Make sure you pick up the book, "Skippyjon Jones Class Action" it would make a fabulous read aloud for back to school! I just bought it and am looking forward to reading it to my 2nd Grade Sweeties!


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