Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Official...

For my FIRST year teaching I will be in Second Grade! I can't tell you how BEYOND excited I am.  I have been following so many amazing 2nd Grade Teacher bloggers for the past year and a half and I will finally be able to use all of the ideas and knowledge that you have all shared on your blogs.  So, with that being said, all of you 2nd Grade teacher bloggers out there {I'm sending up a 'bat signal'} for your help! I'll be *blog stalking* the rest of the summer and upcoming school year!  And for anyone interested, you can follow my adventures as a first year teacher right here on my blog! I look forward to beginning and sharing this journey with all of you... so come follow me as I navigate us through my first year! Eeekk!!! In the words of Sid the Science Kid, I'm "super-duper-ooper-shmooper" excited!

As of right now, as I understand it, the school that I will be working for has sister schools and from what I heard one of the sister schools is a *theme* school so their theme for the upcoming school year will be Superheroes.  Now, because they have a theme, one could deduce that my school will also have a theme, if not the exact same theme, but until I find out more information I am basically STILL unable to start planning for my classroom. Y'all can imagine the frustration that I must be feeling (since it is my first year and all) at not being able to get started so for now I am just passing the time and letting my teacher brain go into hyperdrive as I "pin" everything that I like and blog stalk all of you... although I must say, I am so jealous of some of you that are able to work in your rooms during the summer and/or are at least able to begin the planning and projects for your classrooms.  But, I am practicing patience and trusting God that it will all get done in His perfect timing {even though my watch is ready right now!} because He has never let me down and has made everything that seemed impossible, possible.  So, y'all keep checking back because I will continue to make and post whatever projects I can make in the meantime the projects that are neutral for the classroom and don't require anything having to do with any theme for now and I promise that as soon as I find out what the theme of my classroom will be for the upcoming school year... you'll be the first to know! So stay tuned.... because this is sure to be quite the adventure!

Happy summer, y'all!


Mrs. Plum said...

WOOHOO! Congratulations!

This upcoming year will be my first in my own classroom as well, and as fate would have it, also in second grade! We can certainly commiserate with one another throughout the year. :)

There's No Place Like Second Grade

diditeach said...

GREAT news, congrats !!! You will love Grade 2 :)

Chantelle said...


I am so excited for you! This is definitely going to be an exciting year for the both of us! I look forward to sharing our triumphs, trials and tribulations :)

Chantelle said...


Thank you very much... I'm sure I will love it also. I did my internship in 2nd Grade and I believe that that is where my heart is so I feel extremely blessed to be living my dream in my first year of teaching. I'm one lucky gal! :)

Delighted said...

Congratulations! 2nd grade is a fun grade to teach too! Best wishes!

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