Friday, April 15, 2011

Extreme Couponing Fanatic!

Oh. My. Word.  I am obsessed with TLC's new t.v. show "Extreme Couponing".  I cannot describe how excited I am about the savings I have seen and I must admit that I am trying to get my brain wrapped around the whole concept and am now trying to join in.  It's like the holy grail for teachers! We try to scrimp and save anywhere we can for our classrooms and now we have the chance to save even more at home! Which, in turn, means that we will have MORE money to spend in Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot!!! Ha! :) I am so thrilled that this t.v. show has come out... my only concern is that markets and manufacturer's will find a loop hole and mess things up (if you've been watching the show you'll notice how some stores are not allowing "doubling" of coupons anymore).  For now, I have set up my DVR to record ALL of the episodes so that I can watch them over and over again to figure out the strategies that they use! I am first to admit that I have a lot of obsessions... but THIS one is by far the best one because it puts money back into my savings, and Lord knows we could ALL use some savings in this economy and with the hit that educators are beginning to take now.  Are there any Couponers (is that even a word?!) out there in blog land???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Student Teacher Parent Letter... Yay or Nay?

I have a question to pose for all you Teachers and Student Teachers out there in Blog World... 

Teachers:  If you have a Student Teacher interning in your classroom in the Fall, is it appropriate for them to write a letter introducing themselves to the parents?

Student Teachers:  Do you feel that you should write a letter to the parents at the beginning of the school year to introduce yourself?

 I ask this question because I will be interning in the Fall and I feel that I should take a letter (I already wrote it since I had some time now before things get too hectic) but I also wonder if the teacher will think that it is too forward of me... its her classroom and I don't want to give off a bad impression, but I like to always be prepared and be professional.  Parent/Teacher communication, I feel, is crucial for a student's academic success and I thought that a letter would be a nice way to introduce myself and open up the lines of communication between the parents and myself.

I'd LOVE to have your input since all of you are amazing teachers! All comments and suggestions are welcome! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet the Planets Giveaway

Queen of the First Grade Jungle  and  First Last! are teaming up and having a fabulous giveaway! I am super excited... and I hope I win because I LOVE both of their blogs, especially Mrs. Cooley's blog! Crossing my fingers and toes that I win.  To join the giveaway, click on the link above for "Queen of the First Grade Jungle".

Busy as a Bee

Wow! How time flies... literally! It's been awhile since my last post (sorry about that) but I have been very busy and diligently working on getting ready to complete my LAST semester for my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education before Internship.  I can't tell you just how many kinds of excited I am about FINALLY reaching the last stretch and realizing that the finish line is in my line of sight now.  I am already looking at University programs to see what area I want to do my Master's degree in.  With all of the changes taking place currently in our education system and in the state of Florida, this is proving to be a very difficult decision.  Does anyone have any ideas as far as Master's degrees, I'd love to hear what y'all have to say.  I am truly overwhelmed...but also extremely excited!