Friday, July 27, 2012

Daily Action!: Word Work {Spelling Words Activity} FREEBIE!!!

Hi Friends!

NOTE:  Due to a lot of teachers infringing on copyrighted material, TpT has added an alert bulletin to anyone uploading new material to their respective stores.  Apparently they (TpT) have been receiving a lot of emails from "The Sisters", Whole Brain Teaching, etc. in regards to teachers using their copyrighted materials to sell products at their respective TpT stores.  Because of this, I have chosen to remove my Bucket Filler: Heart Pop freebie and my Daily Action freebie from my store. I will continue to provide you with many more ideas and products that I create but I will not be selling and/or giving away ANY materials that are not my own and/or that I do not have the commercial license for.  I hope that you can all understand why I have made this decision... now, on to my post:

Hope you're enjoying the last couple of weeks before we officially have to make our appearances at school.  I don't know about y'all but I've been super-duper-ooper-schmooper busy! I've been doing a lot of reading and shopping for back to school! I've gotten the best deals ever... including a class set {25} wide ruled spiral notebooks at a whopping $0.17 cents each!!! You heard right... and it was all thanks to Wal*Mart! The notebooks will be used for my Daily 5 Daily Action! Word Work station.  I have seen so many wonderful pinterest-ing ideas on Pinterest but a lot of the ideas that I have seen around the internet for Daily 5 Word Work are geared more towards Kinder and 1st Grade so I've been on a mission to find and/or come up with some alternatives of my own for my SUPER Second Graders.  There'll be more information on my Word Work station in another post, but for now... since y'all have been patiently waiting for my return after my short absence I have decided to include (as a freebie) my adaptation to the "rainbow" word ideas I've been seeing online.  You see, the way I see it, Crayola does a fabulous job of coming up with some downright wacky names for their markers (among other things) so I decided to go a little "above and beyond", if you will, with some of the ideas that have been created by other teachers and have incorporated Crayola along the way.  So, what I am saying is that this idea WAS NOT originally mine... I simply "re-invented" the wheel if you will.  So, I hope you and your students will enjoy these Daily Action "Rainbow" Word Work Activities.

While you're traipsing about at the local hot spots: Target, Wal*Mart, Michael's, etc.  grab a package of each of the following Crayola Marker packs (they're on sale at most places now for back to school): 

*Crayola Classic Colors
*Crayola 10 Assorted Colors
*Crayola Tropical Colors
*Crayola Bold Colors

Note: I will place 2 packages of each in the center, which is more than sufficient for 4-5 students working on Word Work... they can practice "sharing"! *wink, wink*  I know its hard to understand by looking at the sample below but the way I designed the freebie printables is basically 2 generic rainbow words (over the rainbow and superhero) which you can switch out at any time during the year when you notice that students are getting bored with the 4 seasonal (autumn, winter, spring, summer) ones that I included... you'll get the idea once you download the set and print it out.  So, don't think that you're going to have 8 packs of markers rolling around and getting lost in that center all at once because you won't! I'm simply suggesting that you purchase ALL of them now since they are on sale and so that you will have them on-hand when its time to switch out the "rainbow" sheet of your choosing.

This particular activity at the Word Work station will consist (at any given time) of:
* A print out of whichever rainbow worksheet you are using at the time
*2 packages of markers (read the top left corner of the worksheet for the ones that require anything other than the classic markers)
*2 dice (1 for each group of 2 students, I allow 4-5 students per Daily 5 Action station)
* Word Work folder, notebook, recording sheet, etc... whatever you decide to use in YOUR classroom.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think and especially if you have any ideas to re-invent the re-invention! Ha!

Here's a sample of 1 of the pages from the freebie! Enjoy! 


Mrs. Plum said...

This is so stinkin' cute. I am totally going to use it!!!

There's No Place Like Second Grade

Chanty said...

Thanks Sarah! :)

I made the "Over the Rainbow" one with you in mind! I hope your kids get a kick out of writing their spelling words using these.


Field of Poppies said...

I love the twist on Rainbow Words. I'm a new follower. Love your blog.

Chanty said...

Welcome Fields of Poppies! :) Its nice to meet you.

Emily said...

I can't get this to download properly. I saved from google docs as a pdf and word document. It's so cute though! =)

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness

Chanty said...


I'll send you the file as an attachment to your email address. I hope that works out! :) Thank you... I hope you and your students enjoy it!


Jackie said...

Hi! I just came across this activity when I did a search on word work activities. For some reason, it won't download properly. I have another activity similar to this one my students love to do. I am sure they will love this version too. Is there anyway you can email me the document?



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