Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sticky the Bookworm's Guide to Caring for Books!

I just created a darling little book, I rhymed as much as I could because I think it just sounds cuter! The book is presented by "Sticky the Bookworm" and he explains throughout the mini-book how to properly care for books.  This is a great teaching tool for large group in any classroom, which can be used the first weeks of school so that children learn to take care of your books properly and/or it can be read throughout the school year if you see that the student's need a little reminder.  I am very big on literacy and I've had one too many books from my private collection take a trip to book heaven (the garbage can) because they have been mistreated and mishandled.  Students need to be taught to respect, not only their materials, but also their teacher's materials.  I hope this mini-book will help students achieve that in your classrooms.  Feel free to print it out, but please do not remove my name...seeing as the text was written by me! All of the images used throughout the book were found online via Google Images Search. Enjoy! :)

Happy Reading!

Sticky the Bookworm's Guide to Caring for Books

Click on the link below to download the Mini-Book!


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