Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check out my Target Dollar Section Finds

It never seizes to amaze me the wonderful materials that the Target dollar section provides! It just takes a keen eye and lots of on-the-spot creativity to find uses for all of their wonderful items.  Here are some things I found today...

Mini Board Books for the Student Library

 Since Spring is around the corner, Target has already begun to bring out the spring books... check out these cute books I got for $1 each.  Critter Colors is a mini board book that teaches students about different colors using images of various bugs and critters.  The Critter Colors book will be an amazing tool to use for teaching colors as well as adjectives and verbs (For example, on one of the pages it says "GREEN Grasshopper Jumping").   Likewise, the Critter Count mini board book counts down from 10-1 so the book can be used to practice counting and you can even make a class BIG book out of it with different bugs that the children come up with.  The book also features the use of funny adjectives, which are used to describe the types of critters featured on each page (For example, "5 Smelly Stinkbugs"). Pat Them Gently is such a sweet mini book, it teaches children how to properly approach and treat new animals that they may encounter.  I thought this book was a great find because children should be aware of how to handle our animal friends for their safety as well as the animals.  The book is written as a rhyme (For example, "When you meet a pet, don't touch it yet...") and has really cute pictures, if you head over to Target make sure and pick one of these up, you won't regret it! Lastly, Beetle's Bug Party, this was actually the first book of the 4 that I found and I was so excited about it that I kept looking for more! This is also a counting book, it counts down from 8-1 and is a very whimsical book about different bugs that make their way to the Bug Party. The illustrations by Jo Parry are just adorable... I would absolutely LOVE to do a classroom bug unit and finish it off with a Bug Party! And speaking of bugs, check out my next find!!!

Bug Magnifying Glasses

The minute I saw these I just had to get them! Aren't they fantastic?! So, as I was grabbing them I thought of an amazing use for them besides the obvious, of course.  I thought that they would be excellent to use in the Big Books Station in the classroom.  Students could use them to practice finding high frequency words, sight words, etc. in the storybooks.

My last find of the day was some Valentine's Day stuff.  Whenever a holiday is over, Target features everything that was in the store for that holiday in a Seasonal section of their store and the items are anywhere from 30%-75% off...

Valentine's Day BINGO & Silicone Ice Trays
As I stated before, all of the seasonal merchandise was on sale so I purchased the BINGO game ($2.50) for my "Quiet Mouse Activities" Station  and these amazing 2 Pack Heart Silicone Ice Trays ($1.25) for my Math Station.  I figured that the Heart Ice Trays can be used with Conversation Candy Hearts.  The trays could be cut in half to make 4 trays or they could be left as is and using a permanent marker you can write numbers on each heart so that the students can count the candy hearts and place the correct amount into each heart slot on the ice tray or you could even count by 2's and write those numbers on the ice trays.  Also, the trays could be used to play Mancala (for older students).

So, that was pretty much all that I found at the Target Dollar Section today. Pretty neat, huh?! Well, if you have any suggestions or would like to comment just let me know.  I'd love to talk! :)


Janae said...

I LOVE the Target dollar spot! Now I’m going to have to go back and get some of these. Love the magnifying glasses!

It looks like you figured out how to fix your blog. I was just going to say that you have to revert back to the classic minima template. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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