Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Bee"lieve in You! Kits: Made by Me!

Here are some boxes I came up with to use for classroom management and they also serve to help teacher's stay organized with their materials in one place.  One box is used for my teaching stamps and the other is used as a rewards box (a.k.a treasure box).  Both of these classroom management tools can be used in various ways and were created because as a teacher I "Bee"lieve in You! (the students)... which is where I came up with my signature name: "Bee"lieve in You! Kits.  I came up with the idea for these boxes because I got online one day to find a reward kit that I could gift to a friend of mine who was graduating with her Bachelor's in Education and the only reward-type boxes I could find online were some cardboard boxes with 100 toys inside and I thought to myself "these boxes will never make it through a whole school year!" So, I decided to make my own.  I visited my local craft store, Michael's (my third vacation home; next to Target and Dollar Tree) and I found some unfinished wood boxes and wooden shapes (giraffe, cloud and heart [which is used on the stamp box disguised as a strawberry painted by me, it is not sold in stores as a strawberry it is simply an unfinished wood heart]) and voila'! I gave each box a theme and let my imagination run wild... below is the finished products.  I don't mind if you take my ideas and use them as your own, I simply ask that you be respectful and give credit where credit is due.  I present to you... My "Bee"lieve in You! Kits... Enjoy :)

P.S. All of the contents in the "Rewards to Get WILD About" Kit can be found in Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot.  You just need to be creative and find items that come in bulk so that if more than one student likes an item they have a higher probability that when it is their turn to go pick a reward that there will still be some inside the box.  The majority of the stamps found inside the "Berry SWEET Stamps" box came from the dollar section in Michael's. 

If you have any questions on how to make any of my "Bee"lieve in You! Kits, please do not hesitate to email me at:

 Berry SWEET Stamps

 Rewards to Get WILD About


Debi said...

Now you are very Crafty!!! My talent only comes through on the computer... I enjoy all those DIY, but my passion is Technology. I love the "Bee-lieve in Yourself" boxes you created. Keep up the creativity... Now, Scrapbooking in the classroom is fun, but it can be costly. I tend to purchase things when they are on the Dollar Tree or in the Dollar Bin at Target! I stock up! I use the stuff for my kiddies' Poetry Journal. If you ever want to chat about digital scrapbooking, email me or post... I will answer back. :-) Thanks for visiting!!

Chantelle said...

That's actually why I wanted to start getting into scrapbooking so that I could make class books, big books, journals and a memory book for each student at the end of each school year. I know what you mean about it getting very expensive and I've found some great scrapbook sheet packs in the Dollar Spot at Target and I do the same thing... stock up!!! Do you have any samples of the poetry journals using the digital scrapbooking? What do you think about the Cricut, is it a good tool?

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