Monday, March 7, 2011

Pet Linky Party!

I just joined the Pet Linky Party that Ladybug's Teacher Files  is having.  For all my blogger followers, if you are unaware yet as to what a "Linky Party" is... its basically a topic that someone posts up and we all link ourselves if we wish to participate.  To be a part of the linky Pet party simply click on the link I provided above.

Here is a picture of my dog kid... Her name is Cinderella or Cindy (for short).

Aside from my husband, Cindy is the love of my life.  I got her when she was just a puppy at 12 weeks and she is now 9 years old and turning 10 on May 8th.  She is such a funny character and she makes us laugh with all of her silly antics.  She is a Bichon Frise and she is supremely intelligent (too intelligent for her own good, if you ask me!) Whenever she does something wrong, not only does SHE know she did something wrong but all of my family comes up with excuses for her because she is so stinkin' cute, which makes her stinkin' spoiled as well! When she does a 'no-no' she'll put her head real low to the ground and look up at you with sad eyes then my husband and I go around the house to investigate.  When we come close to whatever mess she has done, she goes under our bed and puts herself in time out! Like I said... too intelligent for her own good!  She LOVES peanut butter and is obsessed with her Pink Kong Toy (because I fill it with peanut butter as a special treat).  Cindy spends her days lounging around the house and when I'm busy working "doing my teacher things" she always treads carefully on her tippy-toes around the bed so she doesn't mess up my papers.  She loves to be hugged and carried and will let you know it! When she was a puppy, the hair near her paws grew a little longer than the rest of her body so it appeared as if she was wearing slippers and since we all know that Cinderella lost her glass slipper... that is where I got her name! :) So, whenever y'all read my blog and Cindy is mentioned, you now know who I'm talking about! :)


Ladybug Teacher said...

I love her name, she is beautiful!! :)

Ladybug's Teacher Files

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