Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If You Give a Teacher a BLOG, chances are she'll join ALL the Giveaways!

I just became a follower of this A-MA-ZING Blog called: Made for 1st Grade and they are also hosting a giveaway... there are so many of these going on right now I am just hoping that I will win.  Hopefully y'all are entering in all of these giveaways and enjoying the blogging madness! All the teachers are home for Spring Break and I think that their happiness is causing all of these insanely amazing giveaways.... I'm not one to complain.  So, here's the newest addition and its a doozy! I am a HUGE fan of Laura Numeroff, so this giveaway I am particularly fond of!  Click HERE  to join this giveaway!


Mrs. Saoud said...

Creative Post! LOL. And you are so right!! I've signed up for at least a dozen in the last week and I'm hosting one too!


Chantelle said...

Thanks! LOL. I kinda feel bad because posting a gazillion giveaways must be boring for all of the readers. I love looking at all of the teacher sites, including yours and I must agree with another teacher who wrote about how she is tired of everyone posting giveaways and that we should all get back to posting about teaching stuff. lol... it was funny. She sounded flustered. I don't remember where I read it but I burst out laughing when I read it because it is ABSOLUTELY true. I'll be sure and check yours out as well though :)

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