Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oobleck Experiment Freebie for Dr. Seuss Week

After searching high and low for an Oobleck Experiment worksheet on the internet to go with my experiment and coming up empty handed...I decided to create my own.  I hope you are all having a fabulous Seuss-tastic week! Hopefully y'all can use this in your classrooms this week and if not, you can always print it and file it for next year.  My Second Grade Sweeties had such an amazing time with this experiment and I overheard talk of them wanting the Oobleck Experiment Worksheet so that they could go home and make some more.  Apparently the Ziploc baggies of Oobleck that I sent home with each of them yesterday after the lesson did not do it justice.  I must say though that I was a little worried when one of my sweeties came up to me and asked me what would happen if they poured it on themselves... YIKES! That's all I can say... poor parents! I did tell the whole class though NOT to go home and pour it down any sink because it would clog the pipes just like it clogged the "trumpeter's" trumpet and other things in the story, Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss.  I also told them NOT TO EAT IT, even though the "Captain of the Guards" decided to eat some.

Click HERE for your copy of the Oobleck Experiment worksheets I used!

Just a Note/Suggestion:  For the "Analyze Your Observations" portion of the Worksheet (on the second page) I had the students write adjectives that describe Oobleck by making lines (to look like a web) all around the picture of King Derwin of Didd.


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this is perfect!! thanks so much for sharing

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Jessica Heeren said...

I was just doing the same and looking around for an experiment sheet to make it more "science based" saved the day! :)

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