Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Day Back-To-School Activity

Hi Friends!

So sorry that I have been M.I.A.  I have a really good reason though! I blame it on my classroom. Y'all have no idea how much brain power and muscle power I have had to use this past week to get things together...not to mention how many desks and chairs I have climbed on and off of to make sure that things are perfectly straight and hung correctly on the walls.  Just thinking about it makes me tired all over again...add to that all of the meetings and new teacher orientations I have had to attend.  My brain is definitely fried to extra crispy status today! Anywho, I created this "Interview a Friend" Icebreaker activity to use with my students on the first day of school and thought I would share it with all of you.  You can purchase it for a whopping $1 at my TpT store if you're interested.

I made sure to provide a very detailed and in-depth explanation of how to use this activity AND I made sure to include a Superhero question in there for all of you out there with a Superhero-themed classroom like me.

You need these materials to complete the activity...

"The Cat in the Hat" bag is from Target Dollar Spot... you can use any bag {as long as its not see-through}, the Crayola SuperTips markers are just a suggestion but you can use others if you prefer.  Just remember that you need 2 colors of each!!! I am going to have a class with 24 students so I found that it was much easier to purchase 2 packs of 20 markers versus buying the smaller packs which contain colors like black, brown and gray.

Hope you enjoy this activity! I gotta go finish laminating and cutting things out for my classroom now but I'll be back soon with my big classroom reveal.


Mrs. Plum said...

I have missed my BBF!!! I can't wait to see your classroom!!!!

There's No Place Like Second Grade

Chanty said...

I've missed you too! I have so much to tell you but I'm still getting things ready and this coming week its chalk-full of orientations and professional developments with very little classroom time available so I have to make the most of my time at home and in the classroom. I've been creating, printing and laminating up the whazoo this week! You have no idea! Things should be back to normal soon though! *fingers, eyes and toes crossed* Ha! :)

Lisa R. said...

Good luck with getting set up!! Thanks for this cute freebie!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Chanty said...


Thank you... its a work in progress. However, the "Interview a Friend" is NOT a Freebie. If you are interested in using it you may purchase it at my TpT store.

Wishing you a great school year! :)

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