Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a Pinterest Summer Ladies!!!

If you follow me on Pinterest then you know that I have a board for practically everything that you could possibly think of  including the kitchen sink! except for the kitchen sink! So, in anticipation of my first year teaching and because of my O.C.D. tendencies I created a board titled "Projects to complete over the Summer for my classroom"... well, I am here to say that I have officially checked one of those "pins" off my list and I have ONE very talented individual { from: Create*Teach*Share}to thank for this fabulous and extremely organized Teacher Toolbox.  Considering that this will be my very FIRST year teaching I figured that it couldn't hurt to make my classroom as organized as possible so that while I'm running around like a chicken without a head teaching in my beautifully decorated classroom I can find everything I need with ease.  So, it is with a GIANT thank you, thank you, thank you... for this amazing idea that I check off my very first Pinterest project of the Summer.

P.S. Even though I have absolutely NO IDEA what subject/grade or even what school I am going to be teaching at yet I have decided that my color scheme will be: black, white, raspberry/watermelon pinkish and turquoise... so, with that in mind, I hope you like how my Teacher Toolbox turned out and be sure to look for more projects that I will be posting this summer.  And if you'd like to follow me, The Teaching Bug, on Pinterest you can click on my "Follow Me on Pinterest" button at the top of my page.

Happy Pinning!


Fantastic Fourth Graders said...

I love this! Can I ask how difficult it was to make?

Chantelle said...

Thank you. It wasn't difficult at all... in total, I'd say it was probably about half an hour to put together. Super easy-peasy project to make, you just need to have lots of patience for the cutting and taping! :) Let me know if you need a step-by-step explanation on how to put it together and I'd be more than happy to post it. Good luck and happy pinning! :)

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